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MapReduce Cloud Computing Interview Questions

  • What are the various input and output types supported by MapReduce?
  • With the help of two examples name the map and reduce function purpose?
  • Do you know how is MapReduce related to cloud computing?
  • When do reducers play their role in a mapreduce task?
  • Can you explain what you understand by speculative execution?
  • Explain the purpose of the Partition function in mapreduce framework?
  • Tell me how mapreduce works?
  • Do you know the general mapreduce algorithm?
  • Tell me what is an input reader in reference to mapreduce?
  • How does fault tolerance work in mapreduce?
  • What do you understand by MapReduce?
  • Can you please explain in MapReduce what is a scarce system resource?
  • What is task granularity?
  • Write a short note on the disadvantages of Mapreduce?
  • What is combiners?