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Essential Ubuntu Cloud Interview Questions

  • Tell me what does private cloud offer in building an infrastructure?
  • Explain what are the three levels of Machine instance isolation?
  • Tell us what are the features included in Ubuntu enterprise cloud?
  • Tell me what are the tasks performed by Node controller?
  • Explain what are elements included in Ubuntu cloud architecture?
  • Tell me how IP addressing is managed in Ubuntu cloud?
  • Tell me What are the different types of actors involved in Authentication and Authorization?
  • Explain what was the requirement of the initial addition of node controller?
  • Do you know what are the steps involved in authenticating and authorizing the user?
  • Tell me what components have been released by Ubuntu for their for their cloud strategy?
  • Explain what are the limitations/demerits of Ubuntu cloud?
  • Do you know how does networking play an important role in security?
  • Explain what is the function of Walrus storage controller?
  • Tell me how to identify Ethernet interfaces in Ubuntu cloud?
  • Explain a few of the uses of the private cloud concept?